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And You Won't Believe The Insane ____?

From The Desk Of: Jerry Iannucci

Dear Lucky,
I think I'm really asking for it, but when it comes to your success online, I want to provide you so much value that you really just can't help but succeed. I don't want to be like the rest of these Big "Guru's" out there, and make BIG, bold promises, slap a $97 price tag on, and then give you next-to-zilch.

So, sit tight, hold on, and keep reading, because you're going to LOVE what I've got to offer you.

For the longest time, I've been collecting Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, and Giveaway Rights Products by the thousands, and just reading a few of them, then sitting on the big pile, letting it collect dust.

Not all that considerate of me huh?

But see, the big problem was, that if you just let any old buddy download all of your stuff, it'll become old news, because nobody will ever see the value in the things you're giving them.

So, I'm making this an exclusive, one-time-only offer for you to get your hands on literally hundreds of my products for an insanely tiny one-time buy.

"Ok Jerry, What's Inside?"

Okay, okay, you're getting impatient now, I can see it. So, here's the exact filenames to the bunch of products you get.

  1. 306WebTemplates.zip
  2. AffiliateProMachine.zip
  3. SqueezeSynergy.zip
  4. ColorTips.zip
  5. networkmarketing.zip
  6. networkmarketingsurvival.zip
  7. network2.zip
  8. blog-visitorsuck.zip
  9. StayingMotivatedMRR.zip
  10. 12_plr_ebooks.zip
  11. Aff-Marketing-PLR.zip
  12. mlb.zip
  13. ewritebonus.zip
  14. eZine-Marketing-A-to-Z.zip
  15. 750TrafficTips.zip
  16. ExpertGuideToOptinListBuilding.zip
  17. 750traffictactics.zip
  18. TheTrafficDictionary.zip
  19. TrafficImpact.zip
  20. Traffic2.0.zip
  21. SecretstoWebTrafficOverdrive.zip
  22. ViralTrafficGeneration.zip
  23. FreeandLowCostWays.zip
  24. viraltrafficgeneration.zip
  25. monthlyplrsites.zip
  26. 10NicheBooklets.zip
  27. 10stepstokillerwebcopy.zip
  28. 4steps.pdf
  29. 7Ways.pdf
  30. Absolutebeginwebsite.zip
  31. HiddenInternetRevenue.zip
  32. PR5in3months.zip
  33. PowerListBuilding.pdf
  34. PowerfulOfflineMrktng.zip
  35. StopScaringVisitorsAway-Rq.pdf
  36. expired.zip
  37. forgetthehype.zip
  38. ftg.zip
  39. itmow.zip
  40. jjebay10Rq.zip
  41. kcm.zip
  42. killersalesletters.zip
  43. make6figures.pdf
  44. mmn.pdf
  45. orderpagesecrets.zip
  46. powersystembook.pdf
  47. 101ebay.pdf
  48. 11FreeFLATEbookCovers.pdf
  49. 20littleways.pdf
  50. 404tips.pdf
  51. 46ideas.pdf
  52. 5TIPSSFW.pdf
  53. 63killer.pdf
  54. 77ways.pdf
  55. 7ProvenInsiderSecrets.pdf
  56. 7keys.pdf
  57. ATS.pdf
  58. AffiliateListBuilding.pdf
  59. AffiliateMoneyMachineSFW.pdf
  60. EzineJVSecrets.pdf
  61. Free Internet Marketing Techniques.pdf
  62. Giveaway-Secrets-Exposed.pdf
  63. IMSpeedGuidesPackPLR.zip
  64. 7Questions.zip
  65. TheForumList.zip
  66. UndergroundSquidoo.zip
  67. am.pdf
  68. attraction.zip
  69. breakintoim.pdf
  70. firesaleprofits.zip
  71. freetraffic.pdf
  72. itmow1.pdf
  73. ivs.zip
  74. million.pdf
  75. mm.zip
  76. newbiesguideplr.zip
  77. newnewmediaworld-report.pdf
  78. stumble-upon-exposed.pdf
  79. twitter-list.pdf
  80. webcopy.pdf
  81. worst-things.zip
  82. yahoo-answers.pdf
  83. PLRTrafficProduct.zip
  84. GiveawayCode.zip
  85. OneTimeOffers.zip
  86. ProfitableProductsWeekly.zip
  87. ForumTrafficSecretsProduct.zip
  88. DeluxeWebTemplates.zip
  89. Unlimited-Customers-GoldmineE.zip
  90. Beating-The-Beast-Goldmine.zip
  91. Google-AdSense-A-to-Z.zip
  92. Email-Marketing-A-to-Z.zip
  93. Pay-Per-Click-Marketing-A-to-Z.zip
  94. CashforContent.zip
  95. MakingOnlineVideos.zip
  96. fireyourboss.zip
  97. internetentrepreneurshipsurvivalguide.zip
  98. savingtimeandmoney.zip
  99. blogtracker.zip
  100. cloakershadow.zip
  101. contentscreener.zip
  102. keywordswarm.zip
  103. forumshoutout.zip
  104. projectorganizer.zip
  105. squeezesynergy.zip
  106. linkbuilder.zip
  107. optinfire.zip
  108. OPM.exe
  109. The_Ultimate_eLibrary.zip
  110. Ultimateincomeplan.pdf
  111. EoFOA2.zip
  112. Ebook-Creation-For-Illiterate.zip
  113. Maillist-Cash-Extraction-Goldmine.zip
  114. Exploding-Your-Sales.zip
  115. Affiliate-Marketing-A-to-Z.zip
  116. AtoZRSS.zip
  117. AchieveFinancialIndependence.zip
  118. Shop_For_Niche_MRR.zip
  119. StealthNewletterTactics.zip
  120. WebsiteTrafficSecrets.zip
  121. ArticleWritingSecrets.zip
  122. ArticleWritingSuperSecrets.zip
  123. GraphicDesignForBeginners.zip
  124. Web2.0Graphics.zip
  125. instantsqueezepage.zip
  126. LightningFastProductCreationTacticsMRR.zip
  127. outofcontrolviral.zip
  128. Create_Your_Own_Ebook.zip
  129. InfoproductChecklist_PLR.zip
  130. MakeMoneywithResellRights_MRR.zip
  131. ProfitingAfterTheSale.zip
  132. MasterAffiliateSecrets.zip
  134. Themoneyebook.zip
  135. ExhibitDynamicPersonlity.zip
  136. GolenRule.zip
  137. LandingPage.zip
  138. listbuildingformula.zip
  139. MightofCharacter.zip
  140. SpeedyGuideToWebCopy.zip
  141. SurvivalGuide.zip
  142. Twitter_Traffic_Magic.zip
  143. viralcbfootprint.pdf

Plus I Add 10 New Ones Every Month!

Call me crazy, but I want to give you all of those products up there, plus 10 new ones every month added to the list. I haven't told you the price yet either, but you're going to be awesomely Surprised!

But Wait!

Just in case you're not already fully convinced that if this thing is under $97, you're going to buy it...

Your Bonus Gifts

These are PLR Products, and are worth to you collectively $299 Dollars. These alone are well worth your purchase (I know, because I've sold loads at this price!)

You do the math!

$97 + $47 + $17 + $27 + $27 + $47 + $37 = $299

Just $1 Short Of $300

So, all you really need to do is sell one of each, and you will have gotten your money back by 42x. Not bad.

(Plus you might have already noticed I added an in extra $27 product, so it's really worth $326 and you would actually get 46x your money back)

Okay, okay, enough with the suspense right? Let's look at what you get in this membership:



one time

I'm calling myself crazy right now. In fact, I'm really thinking about taking this offer down but because you're here right now, that's my price, and it's the price of one fast food meal. You can leave and never see this offer again, or you can Take Action Right NOW and get paid off for a lifetime for skipping Burger King today. Your choice.

100% 365 Day Money-Back Gaurantee

Just ask for your money back, I'll refund it. It's that simple.

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Jerry Iannucci

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